12 Best Jasmine Rice 2023 Reviews : The Holy Guide

Imagine yourself in a place, where you immerse in a captivating blend of exotic scents and vibrant energy. As you navigate through the maze of food stalls, your eyes catch a glimpse of it—a heap of lustrous, aromatic grains that exude an enchanting fragrance, instantly whisking you away to culinary paradise. It is none other than jasmine rice, an authentic treasure of the Thai marketplace.

Our mission? To equip you with comprehensive reviews of twelve exceptional brands, each one a gateway to a world of sensory delight.

Within the pages of this guide, you will uncover the hidden nuances of each brand—its unique fragrance, texture, and performance in the kitchen. Like a connoisseur of fine art, you will learn to appreciate the subtle differences that set one brand apart from another.

1. Royal Thai Hom Mali

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When talking about superior quality, it’s impossible not to mention Royal Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice. Sourced directly from the lush, fertile fields of Thailand, this brand is reputed for its premium quality.

When cooked, it emits a delightful aroma that floods the kitchen, setting a promising prelude to an enjoyable meal. The taste profile of Royal Thai Hom Mali is subtly sweet and nutty. This feature is an intrinsic attribute of genuine jasmine rice.

It goes well with a plethora of dishes, from sizzling Thai curries to flavorful stir-fries, amplifying their flavors with its unique taste. The grains cook to an ideal consistency, maintaining a balance between stickiness and looseness, which is a testament to the brand’s quality.

Royal Thai Hom Mali shines in terms of cooking performance. It cooks uniformly and swiftly, whether you are using a rice cooker or the traditional stovetop method. The grains fluff up exquisitely, preserving their shape without turning into an unappetizing mushy mass.

With its top-notch quality and outstanding performance, Royal Thai Hom Mali comes with high recommendations.

2. Lundberg Family Farms (Organic)

Lundberg Family Farms makes a prominent appearance in the world of these brands with its staunch commitment to organic farming and sustainability. The rice is cultivated without resorting to synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize health and ecological balance in their diet.

Unlike traditional jasmine rice, its texture is slightly chewier. However, it doesn’t compromise on the signature softness and stickiness, making it versatile enough to be paired with an array of dishes, from the rich flavors of Asian cuisine to the distinct tang of Mediterranean recipes.

Regardless of the cooking methods applied, the grains withstand the process well, making it a dependable choice for every kitchen.

Lundberg brings to the table a mild and slightly nutty flavor that blends seamlessly with a variety of ingredients. While it may lack the pronounced aroma found in some other brands, its dedication to organic farming and its overall quality make it a strong contender.

3. Kirkland Signature

A product of Costco, this brand is known for its consistent quality and excellent value for money. It’s a great choice for those who frequently cook jasmine rice and need a reliable brand that delivers it every time.

The cooking instructions for this particular brand are straightforward and easy to follow. The grains are consistently good quality, cooking to a soft, slightly sticky texture that jasmine rice lovers will appreciate.

Customer satisfaction for Kirkland Signature is generally high, with many praising its consistent quality, great taste, and excellent value. It may not be the most aromatic brand on the market, but its reliable performance and affordability make it a solid choice for everyday cooking.

4. Super Lucky Elephant

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This brand is a popular choice for its exceptional fragrance. When cooked, it fills the kitchen with a delightful aroma that is characteristic of high-quality jasmine rice.

The texture of Super Lucky Elephant is fluffy and slightly sticky. It pairs well with a variety of cuisines, from Thai to Chinese, and even Mediterranean dishes, thanks to its versatile texture and flavor.

In terms of compatibility with various cuisines, Super Lucky Elephant is a standout. Its subtle flavor profile doesn’t overpower the flavors of the dishes it’s served with, making it a great accompaniment for a wide range of meals.

5. Three Ladies

Next on our list is Three Ladies, a brand that is well-regarded for its commitment to quality, sourcing its rice directly from the best-growing regions in Thailand. The packaging is sturdy and resealable, ensuring that it stays fresh for longer.

It has a wonderful aroma, the grains cook to a perfect consistency, offering a delightful texture that is neither too sticky nor too loose.

Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with many users praising its superior quality, great taste, and excellent value for money. The brand’s commitment to quality and its attention to detail in sourcing and packaging make it a top choice for jasmine rice.

6. Golden Phoenix

Golden Phoenix is another brand that deserves mention. Known for its high-quality grains, Golden Phoenix offers jasmine rice that has a delightful flavor and a good moisture level, resulting in perfectly cooked rice every time.

Its flavor is subtly sweet and nutty, a characteristic trait of authentic jasmine rice. It complements a variety of dishes, enhancing their flavors with its unique profile. The grains cook to a perfect consistency, neither too sticky nor too loose.

In terms of ease of cooking, Golden Phoenix is a winner. It cooks evenly and quickly, whether you’re using a cooker or a stovetop method. The grains fluff up beautifully, maintaining their integrity without becoming mushy. Given its superior quality and performance, Golden Phoenix comes highly recommended for all your needs.

7. Trader Joe’s Organic Jasmine Rice

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This brand is known for its commitment to organic farming and sustainability. The rice is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, making it a healthier choice for those conscious about their diet.

It offers a range of options, including white and brown rice. The grains are consistently good quality, cooking to a soft, slightly sticky texture. The flavor is subtly sweet and nutty, allowing it to blend seamlessly with a variety of ingredients.

Many consumers praise it for its consistent quality, great taste, and commitment to organic farming.

8. Dynasty

Step into the realm of reliability with Dynasty. This brand is known for its consistent quality and affordable pricing, making it a popular choice.

Cooking with Dynasty is a breeze, thanks to its straightforward instructions. The grains consistently maintain a high level of quality, cooking to a soft and fluffy texture that pleases the palate. Whether you’re preparing a simple weeknight dinner or an elaborate feast, it is a trustworthy companion in the kitchen.

Customers have expressed satisfaction with Dynas, praising its reliable quality, great taste, and affordability. While it may not possess the most pronounced aroma or the highest price tag, its consistent performance and wallet-friendly nature make it an excellent choice for everyday cooking.

9. Asian Best

The grains of Asian Best exude a delightful aroma and cook to a soft, slightly sticky texture that is characteristic of jasmine rice.

This brand demonstrates its versatility by pairing well with various cuisines, from Asian-inspired dishes to international favorites.

Asian Best has garnered positive feedback from customers who appreciate its consistent quality, delightful taste, and the flexibility it offers in the kitchen, along with its aromatic fragrance and pleasing texture.

10. Village Harvest

Village Harvest sources its rice from farmers who adhere to responsible farming methods, ensuring that you’re not only getting a quality product but also supporting ethical and eco-friendly practices.

Its grains are fragrant and cook to a perfect consistency. Their delightful aroma and soft texture add an element of luxury to any dish, enhancing the overall dining experience.

With Village Harvest, you can savor the deliciousness of jasmine rice while knowing that you’re making a positive impact on the environment.

11. Platinum Authentic Basmati Rice

While technically not a jasmine rice, this brand deserves a special mention for its remarkable fragrance and flavor profile that rivals many jasmine rice brands. Its long grains release an enchanting aroma as they cook, adding an element of luxury to your culinary creations.

The grains cook to a fluffy and non-sticky texture, creating a light and airy mouthfeel. Whether you’re preparing biryanis, pilafs, or other aromatic rice dishes, this basmati rice delivers a delightful and authentic experience.

This type offers a unique alternative for those seeking the aromatic qualities of jasmine rice. With its extraordinary fragrance and impeccable texture, it stands as a top recommendation for those who appreciate the indulgence of basmati rice in their culinary repertoire.

12. Sunlee

Last but not least, we have Sunlee—a brand that offers good quality jasmine rice at an affordable price point. Sunlee’s grains exude a pleasing aroma and cook to a soft and slightly sticky texture, satisfying your cravings.

It proves to be a versatile choice that complements a wide range of cuisines and recipes.

Sunlee has garnered positive customer reviews, with many appreciating its good quality, enjoyable taste, and affordability.

Factors to Consider

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Choosing the right jasmine rice involves considering several key factors. The quality of the grains is paramount. Look for the rice that is free from impurities and has a fresh, fragrant aroma. The grains should be whole, not broken, as broken grains can result in a mushy texture when cooked.

The origin of the rice is another important factor. Jasmine rice is native to Thailand, and Thai jasmine rice is often considered the best due to its superior aroma and flavor. However, it is also grown in other countries like Vietnam and Cambodia, and these varieties can also be of high quality.

The cooking method you intend to use can also influence your choice. Some brands may perform better when cooked in a rice cooker, while others may be more suited to stovetop cooking. Consider your cooking preferences and choose a brand that aligns with them.


Can the choice of jasmine rice brand impact the overall flavor of a dish?

Yes, different brands can have subtle variations in flavor, aroma, and texture, which can influence the overall taste of a dish.

What are some recommended serving suggestions or pairings for jasmine rice?

It pairs well with a wide range of dishes, such as curries, stir-fries, grilled meats or seafood, and vegetable-based dishes. It can also be enjoyed as a side dish or base for Buddha bowls and salads.

Are there any dietary considerations when consuming jasmine rice?

This particular type is naturally gluten-free and can be suitable for individuals with gluten sensitivities. However, it is important to check for any specific allergen warnings or dietary restrictions on the product packaging.

Can jasmine rice be used in a variety of cuisines beyond Asian dishes?

Yes, its versatility allows it to complement dishes from different cuisines, including Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and fusion recipes.

Are there specific cooking methods recommended for achieving the best results with jasmine rice?

It can be cooked using various methods, including cookers, stovetop simmering, or even instant pot cooking, depending on personal preference.


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In conclusion, the world of jasmine rice is vast and varied, with each brand offering its unique qualities. From the fragrant aroma of Royal Thai Hom Mali to the organic and sustainable practices of Trader Joe’s and Village Harvest, there’s jasmine rice out there to suit every preference and cooking need.

Our top recommendations based on overall quality are Royal Thai Hom Mali, Lundberg Family Farms, and Super Lucky Elephant. However, the best one for you ultimately depends on your personal preferences and cooking needs. We encourage you to explore these brands and find your perfect match.

Remember, the perfect bowl of jasmine rice is not just about the brand but also about how it’s cooked. So, take your time, experiment with different brands and cooking methods, and most importantly, enjoy the process. Happy cooking!